Arrival in Bellingham Retail Stores

Stone Mountain is arriving in the Bellingham retail stores today! After nearly a year since applying for our business identity, we have finished our first harvest. Our first strain is Cinderella 99-a sativa dominant variety described as a light and dreamy body high with waves of uplifting mood and euphoria, accompanied by energy and creativity. Hope you enjoy our first harvest. Upcoming strains include Animal Cookie, Mental Floss, and Blue Sage.

Stone Mountain Can

Welcome to Stone Mountain, LLC!

This business formation took years to foster and was helped with the State of Washington voters legalizing cannabis for recreational use.  Stone Mountain consists of two partners; self motivated to serve quality cannabis products to the population of the great Northwest.

Stone Mountain obtained our producer/processor license in July 2014. Since this time we have continued to build out our facility and grow our plants. Additional pages provide information and content to follow our progress.

Thank you for checking us out and supporting our industry.